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We offer an assortment of training options at reasonable prices. Making learning to fly affordable, no down payment required; pay as you fly.

Scenic Flights

Enjoy an exciting trip over London, Ontario and surrounding area. Our experienced pilots will guide you on exciting scenic tour you will never forget.

Aircraft Rentals

We have several aircraft for rent. Joy of flying without the overhead of owning. We take excellent care of our aircraft and know you will enjoy them.

Ground School

Build the fundamental and prepare yourself for exams and better flights. Our ground school is designed to help you obtain your license faster.


We’re ready to answer any questions you might have. Our knowledgeable instructors and staff have a diverse range of skills. Just Ask!

Pilot Supplies

Good selection of supplies for pilots and aviation students at reasonable prices. View our online store or drop for pricing and new products.

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Personalized Ground School

We pride ourselves in delivering a focused ground school. We ensure you get the most out of the time on the ground so you get the best time in the air. Our goal is to put you in the right path of achieving your goals in aviation.

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